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The purpose of this blog is to support men, young men and those in their lives, to support them as they wrestle with health and wellness issues and specifically prostate cancer.
I’m not a doctor and I urge you to get good medical advice and find specialists that support your beliefs and values as you manage your cancer experience. Make informed decisions , not in haste and on reflection , after talking with your support team.

This means at home, at work and in your life.

For the older man , this challenge usually occurs toward the latter part of their lives or in the second half of their life as their real self emerges, or as a result of a medical crisis or a wellness crisis of some sort. I call it a dis-ease.

For the younger man it is usually as they approach manhood as an adult, about 19-23 years of age say. These are only rough guidelines as these challenges can occur at anytime in your life.

It may be one of these issues:

  • Past events holding you back
  • Limiting behaviour you aren’t even sure when it started or comes from
  • You’re “stuck” and not sure how to get moving again or you’ve “hit the wall”
  • You’re concerned about confidentiality and finding a trustworthy professional to discuss this issue with

Men are often isolated and do not know how to seek help or are reluctant because of stereotype conditioning that it may be viewed as a weakness ( It’s not by the way).

The women in their lives are unsure how to reach out and connect to them at this time, or their man’s behaviour has changed and they want to help them recover their composure and confidence.
My intent and purpose is to help you explore what is happening in your life and to find a way forward … to find a solution… possibly one you may not have even thought of yet!

You do have a choice. You can choose to invest in your own wellbeing and that of those around you

You may want to let go of some limiting behaviour or transform and embrace different parts of your life

You may also want to forgive yourself or somebody you feel has wronged you.

Colin works with individuals to enable them to get clear on their dreams,discover their purpose, their “why”, their direction and align their goals with their values and beliefs.

Enabling them to let go of personal limitations and gain personal empowerment.

Colin discovered Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP) through Life Coaching studies and has found the tools and techniques of NLP, to be enormously useful in assisting his clients to achieve greater successes personally, overcome personal challenges and improve their relationships and their businesses.

I strongly believe that everyone holds within themselves the inner strengths and wisdom, to make change happen and to live a purposeful and meaning life, once you align your heart ,your mind and your gut insights.

As a Life Coach I am here to assist you to:

  • focus on what’s important to you
  • master the art of goal setting -using SMART Goals
  • achieve the work life integration you desire
  • get some fun and adventure back in your life
  • have your best year ever . It starts with you deciding what you really want to achieve for your desired outcomes this year and how best to make it reality.

If your decisions are aligned with your values and beliefs this means you’ll have more peace of mind, a serenity you may not have found or experienced yet and an enhanced focus on where you are heading.

Start your action plan for faster success or performance with a life Coach.

By working together, we will create goals and outcomes you want to achieve and the means with which you will make them happen.

Using a five step plan for success, you will learn how to heal, look after yourself, love yourself and move on from the past and any other energy depleting issues in your life.

I will take you through a series of self-awareness/discovery tools, techniques and exercises that will assist you to to move towards personal growth and create lasting change or transformation in your life today.

Take charge of your life and results by making a breakthrough in your life today and to take it to the next level, call me now.

We can discuss your unique situation in a confidential and judgement free space and discover where you are at now and where to from here in simple step by step goals you can achieve easily with consistent application.

Call me now, let’s have a conversation… Colin 0419 568 043

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