About Colin Slater

Paddling your canoe in the stream of life
Finding your Purpose

As you navigate your canoe through the streams of life and the challenges it brings you, there will be things that you will discover about yourself. There will be times when you are in still water, where you can pause to reflect and there will be times when you will come across rapids and need to take quick action.

If you’ve reached either of those points and are looking for real purpose and meaning in your life, I’m your man.

I’m a Transformational Life Coach/Mentor who will assist you to achieve success more rapidly,using new or alternative strategies and assist you to integrate your home/work interests more effectively.

My specialties are relationships (specifically the one you have with yourself) and busting limiting beliefs and habits you may have collected over your lifetime.

If you are looking to create a life that is alive and filled with purpose and meaning, and you’re not sure how to get started I’d love to talk with you.

I achieved much out of the coaching sessions with Colin because he listened to my goals and challenges

and provided me with the necessary steps to overcome the concerns and to focus on my personal and

professional goals. As I was heading into new territory Colin was able to instil confidence and provide direction

through simple models that made a lot of sense.
Colin was always attentive to the fact that the sessions were confidential and he provided me with

significant other resources to follow through in between my sessions. I would recommend Colin as someone

who has your interest and future at heart. Garry Putland, Director Savvy Thinking, Adelaide, SA

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Colin. Through a combination of effective listening, questioning and honest challenging,

Colin’s approach helped me to re-focus and identify commitments to aspects of my life and the actions I am taking,

or not taking, in those areas.
He was able also able to give some simple and practical exercises to engage in between sessions which I found very

useful in terms of both preparation for the sessions and to make me think more broadly about some of the issues I wished to address Paul Francis, Adelaide, SA

My coaching experience with Colin was unforgettable! He was very warm and compassionate and I learnt so much about myself in our sessions together.
The confidence he inspired in me to stick to my goals and push through my limiting beliefs was outstanding.
After nine sessions with him I can’t ever see myself looking back.
If you ever want to better yourself and live the life you truly love then Colin is the man for you!
Tara Rourke, Coach ACT

Working with Colin, helped me to look and shift my focus forward to a greater awareness of what is possible for me to do in the coming year and gave me more choices and outcomes to put into practice. I expect excellent result to follow as a result of our working together. I’ll keep you posted as these events unfold. Chris Tresintsis, Adelaide, S.A.

“ I am glad I chose Colin as my personal coach. During our sessions together we developed a close relationship, in which Colin really inspired me to reach for what was true to me, in my heart of hearts, it was an experience I had not had in a long time. I would highly recommend Colin to anyone looking to uncover what may be stopping them

from living a truly fulfilled life. Thank you Colin!” – Richard Berry, Brisbane, QLD

MY STORY- a hero’s journey
A hero’s journey involves going on a journey, to confront your dragons, overcome them or turn them into pets and return with the treasure of your true self. These are new insights into how you think and make decisions.
It’s a lot of fun, I’ve done it and am still amazed at the things I learn about myself and so will you.
At journeys end, there is the reward of a sense of true connection with oneself, with others and with the world at large.
An understanding of one’s destiny, your future and how to take responsibility for your results.

Isn’t that something you’d like to know more about?
I’m still on that journey. It is a journey to your inner world to learn more about your intellectual, physical , emotional and spiritual selves. A journey towards wholeness. you’ll learn how to connect your heart, your mind and your gut instincts.
I invite you to join me on this journey.
You may wonder, what causes a man who has devoted 33 years to winemaking ( as a professional winemaker) to undergo a career and lifestyle change and become a life coach and mentor.
Some people call it a ‘defining moment’ or a fork in the road, where you decide to make a life changing decision.

I’m calling it a hero’s journey

Whilst studying the likes of Stephen Covey, Dr Wayne W Dyer, John C. Maxwell, Sharon Pearson of the Coaching Institute,

and Jack Canfield, the concept of making a difference in people’s lives emerged.

Whilst making wine for people to drink was enjoyable and held my interest and passion for many years it was becoming apparent that it was being overtaken by a stronger influence as the reality of my mortality and the need to make a difference took root. A major shift in philosophy about making a difference in my own life and that of others has brought Life Coaching to the fore.
So a course of studies at the Coaching Institute began in October 2009 and now I work in partnership with people to help them bust limiting beliefs and habits.

Now I’m dedicated to educating others to become more self aware and empower themselves to be more. To bring out their best selves and to know they are enough.

It has not been easy or without doubts and is still a work in progress. Embracing the unknown is both a little frightening and liberating.

I do know from my studies that the human mind is capable of magnificent and

dramatic changes and I look forward with anticipation as to what the future will bring.

We are the result of all the influences, people and experiences that come into our lives.

The meaning that we give those experiences, determines what we think, say and do and how we influence others.

If you need help to get started or to get clear on what it means for you let me know.

Life Coaching may not be the answer for you however if we have that conversation to discover if we can work together, then your best self will thank you.

Call me now 0419 568 043. Let’s get started on transforming you to be more successful today and happy in your own skin.

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