Success strategies

cropped-feedback.pngSuccess in any endeavour does not happen by accident. Rather, it is the result of deliberate decisions, conscious effort and immense persistence – all directed at specific goals. ~ Gary Ryan Blair

Success begins with intention and is followed closely by our attention.

Visualising what you want as an outcome also helps progress your goal.

Now where our attention goes, energy flows so we can direct energy to our thoughts and actions thereby influencing our results.

So to be more successful, we can also model someone else who has done what we want to do.

If it is a large goal break it down into smaller tasks that are more easily achieved.

Be specific about what you want and writing it down in black and white will improve your results.

As you proceed with your tasks check

in to see if you need to adjust your course to get the outcome you want.

Feedback is important to adjust the resources you might need to get what you want. It’s also important not to take the feedback as personal and just as a guide to where you’re at.

If for any reason you find your goals are alluding you or something is getting in the way, Ask Colin to help you out because you do not need to do it on your own.

0419 568 043

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