Living Life with Intention and Purpose


Living Life with Intention and Purpose
Live with Intention and Purpose

I came across this offering from Mary Anne Radmacher in her new book “Life Begins When You Do”, where she invites you to begin really living your life right now, with purpose and intention.

I thought this really applies to our approach to daily living and how we go about it. I will give you a little taste of part of it and you can follow up on it.

If you would dream it


If you have an idea


If there is longing


If there is mission


If there is daring

DO it

If there is love


If there is resource

USE it

If there is abundance


I love her approach to life, do it now and have no regrets.

How will you approach your life now?

In conclusion, the book is based on one of her poems where she says;

Walk to the edge

Listen hard. Laugh. Play with abandon

Practice wellness

Continue to learn

Choose with no regret

Appreciate your friends

Lead or follow a leader

Do what you love

Live as if this is all there is.

If you need  some assistance with  overcoming life’s little roadblocks or finding your real purpose and intention, drop me a line at or call 0419 568 043


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