Living with knowledge of Prostate Cancer


It is almost three years since being diagnosed with prostate cancer and undergoing  prostectomy on advice, radiation treatment and a radical change of lifestyle, my choice.

I have a psa reading of 0.05 which is wonderful and I’m very pleased to still be on this planet.

I am grateful to the medical specialists, and people I have met on this journey of discovery that yes, it is frightening and it also has got me focused on what’s important and what’s not.

Family time and time with friends becomes even more important and cherished.

Health and vitality also become important as we are what we eat, sleep and exercise.

I also noticed what we think and believe is important too.

Being grateful is a state of mind that helps to create peace and inner tranquility.

Yes I still have goals and things to do however it is at a different pace and going with the flow .

I would encourage you to get clear on what is important as it gives you purpose. The meaning is up to you.

Having experienced prostate cancer creates some lingering doubts about the future and whether it will come back or be a problem down the track.

I will be doing everything I can think of to stay healthy and enjoy what time I have left  here.

I encourage you to take on the thought of being enough,  of being good enough as you are now and continue to pursue your dreams and goals.

If you need someone to talk to about recovery and support from a laymen give me a call.

0419 568 043

If you need medical advice see your doctor or specialist pronto.


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