Men it’s time to man up and do more than grow a mo in Movember

Cancer can be managed and in many  cases prevented
Real men don’t fear the finger

Men it’s our responsibility to take charge of our health.
“I hear you” you say , however what can I do to change this around?
Do your homework and get some good advice about your health and your nutrition. see your GP and a nutritionist..

This article by Meghan Telpner is a cracker.

We know that some of the foods we eat are not helping us like processed foods,with fillers and preservatives, trans fats, dairy in many cases, gluten( get tested for intolerance or sensitivity). Make the food you eat as wholesome (organic) and “clean” as possible.This means as least travelled as possible too. Farmer’s market are great value here. Increase your intake of fruit and vegetables and reduce your meat consumption.

You’ll know if this is an improvement because you’ll have more energy, feel better in your gut and body and be more “regular”. Free range eggs,and grass fed meats for example will go a long way to raising the quality of your food , nutritionally.
We know our diets tend to be too acidic, add more green leaf vegetables ,like spinach, celery and broccoli or equivalent green plants.
Watch your hydration and how much water you drink each day. A good rule of thumb is 1.0 litre per 22 kg of body weight.
The chemicals we put onto our bodies like deodorants and supposedly beauty products are suspect until you know they are alright to use. Look into everything( do your research)and if it looks dodgy , stop using it.
Our lifestyle is very hectic these days with little time for reflection.Give yourself time to reflect and journal your 3 gratitudes for each day.
Exercise, just 30 minutes a day is enough we are told to make a difference.
Manage your breathing, like Tyler Tolman says …”7 rounds of seven, that breathe in for 7 secs, hold for 7 secs and release for 7 secs” Give it a try.
Sleep 8.0 hours is good unless you need more. If you have to rely on an alarm every morning to wake up, you ain’t getting enough sleep man.
Try a colon cleanse if nothing else is shifting and a juice fast, you’ll feel a whole lot better afterwards, and your weight will be more controllable.
Our health is too important to leave to chance and those around you who depend on you will benefit too from you taking responsibility and action to be proactively healthy.
By all means be involved in Movember and give your self permission to now do a whole lot more and stay on this planet for your full term of life .
If you have any suggestions to help people in this quest to manage cancer better , let me know, thanks.

I’m a survivor and I want you to be one too.

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