Post Surgery recovery from Prostate Cancer

I thought an appropriate follow up to discovering I had prostate cancer and undergoing surgery would be the recovery experience and what has happened since.
The first realisation was the being incontinent and having to wear pads once the catheter was out. There were many changes to manage like keep up with the pelvic floor exercises to strengthen those muscles which now were my only bladder control.

Watch what I drank and when to ease the pressure on the bladder muscles.
Several trips to the toilet at night to empty out and have a dry night. I made fairly good progress and my focus became reducing the amount of pads needed to manage the incontinence, encouraged by my Urologist. Things were heading in the right direction until the psa ( Prostate specific antigen) tests started to rise.
My psa readings were low post operation , about 0.05 and then they started to rise again. Oh no!
3 months later 0.09 and then that awful feeling of helplessness came back again. Bugger!
I’d been doing all the suggested diet and lifestyle things to assist with my recovery, eating whole foods , no processed foods or refined products like sugar. I’d been eating lots of vegetables and fruit. Juicing regularly and I’d gone off wheat and dairy and noticed a big improvement in my energy and vitality.
I was feeling ok however I realised that I needed to be more proactive and nail these little buggers once and for all.
It became apparent that some remnant cells from the prostate were still there and causing the rise in psa.
What to do now?
Options were radiation therapy and hormone treatment.
Well my research on hormone treatment suggested it was not a suitable path to go down as it was questionable in dealing effectively with the remaining cells and would only temporarily maintain the situation.
Radiation therapy was the best course of action suggested by my my Uroligist, bless him and that’s next on the list.
So the take home message is still, look after yourself, have a good support team around you, talk to your partner and find good, sound medical advice and take charge of your own health and future.
What been your experience with these types of situations ?
I would appreciate knowing how you have managed your prostate cancer and if I can help you in anyway let me know please Colin 0419 568 043

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