Cancer and how to deal with it!

Meditation has real benefits
Quieten the mind to allow reflection

Cancer is a word most people do not want to hear. It is enough to cause panic in anyone who hears it, let alone a middle aged male.
Prostate cancer has implications for many facets of a man’s wellbeing, including bodily functions, sexuality and general health.
It affects how you pee, use your bowels, your mental well being generally and have sex or not, depending on your circumstances. I feel I need to say at this point I’m not a doctor and you first chat needs to be with your GP, to get informed on your options.

I’m treating it… cancer… as a word, not a sentence and a passing phase of life.
The first thing to do is talk to your family, your doctor to get their support and form a team to deal with this issue. In other words get some good advice.
In terms of my body, I believe I have a few errant cells who have lost their genetic coding and think they are supposed to be doing something else. So I have instructed my good lymphocyte cells and T cells to round them up and give them their marching orders … begone from this body NOW! Your time is up!

So when this happens to you, what are the options?
I’m taking the approach of a complete make over in diet and lifestyle. That is, anything that can be eaten raw or unprocessed or least processed is good. Processed food or food with additives is off the list. Meat is very suspect and dairy is limited to yoghurt and kaffir products I make myself or from reputable makers.
My research has uncovered herbs and seeds that are cancer fighters and they are on top of the new diet list. e.g. tumeric, cinnamon, garlic, pumpkin seeds, Chia , Quinoa, Goji berries and flaxseed meal.

My research continues to maximise my health and energy.
My focus is now on how to boost my immune system and strengthen my body for the challenges ahead. Mentally I am clearing the way of all limiting beliefs, emotions and making room for abundance and well-being to every cell in my body. i have enlisted to services of an NLP Master Coach to work with and get my mind and body in synchronicity.
I feel I need to also tell you that I have sought the advice of a urologist who advised surgery and follow up as necessary with other treatment, maybe radiation. I would suggest you get some good advice and consult with your family about your best options. I intend to get the surgery done and the operation is booked for the near future with the preliminary tests done. I am preparing myself for the recovery and return of functions step by step physically, guided by the good incontinence nurse.
If you have any ideas or suggestions , I’m open to them. If you had had a similar experience , let me know . Sometimes I think men are reluctant to discuss these topics or find it difficult to trust somebody to talk it over with and that’s a concern for me.

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