Real Benefits of Working with a Life Coach

A chat with a Life coach has real benefits

A Life coach will assist you to:
• Get clear on what you really want as an outcome or goal and where it fits into your life plan.
• Connect with your dreams and to focus on what’s important to you.
• Assist you to picture or imagine what you want, create a vibrant vision of your future and then
encourage you to take action to get it.
• Discover reasons why you want that particular outcome and how you can use this to drive you forward
in achieving it or bringing your vision to reality.
• Discover your core values and beliefs as these drive your decisions via your emotions and your actions.
• Be accountable to your goals and help you to remove or change any limitations you may have about
achieving those goals or outcomes. Sometimes we let things get in the way and we do not even realise it.
• Celebrate your achievements with you and inspire you to stretch and reach your outcome or goals.

Colin is a certified NLP Life coach who works with men and women who have busy lifestyles and are ready to transform their lives, step by step, day by day to realise and enjoy a purposeful and fulfilling life.

Why use a certified coach?
The lack of regulation in the coaching industry currently, means anyone can call themselves a coach regardless of whether they are a certified trained coach or not. I have trained at a recognised established coach training institution, The Coaching Institute in Melbourne, Australia, and have ongoing professional development with them.
Why NLP?
Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)- neuro meaning thought, linguistic meaning language and programming is to do with how it is put together or how we process information to be more resourceful to us. NLP provides us with tools to manage our own brain and control our states, emotions and behaviours. In other words it is a way or method to achieve maximum results easily and quickly by modelling effective thinking and communication.

Reasons to hire a life coach
You may desire to refocus your energy, make more of your time, build better relationships, boost your self-worth, review your attitude about your health and wealth or get inspired to redirect and grow your life. You maybe “stuck” and not sure how to move forward or the steps involved to improve your situation.
We all have dreams we’d like to realise, things we’d like to change or do differently in our lives.

We’re full of good intentions, yet we’re all so busy and the changes seem too big and overwhelming or we’re not sure where to start. We convince ourselves that we don’t have the time, the support, the resources or the know how to get started, let alone do things differently.

Well you’re not alone and more importantly you are in a good position to make a start TODAY.
You CAN transform your life step by step and day by day, very quickly by following my four step plan which gets you thinking differently about where you are heading, by finding your BIG why and then taking action towards your chosen outcome or goal.

Why do this?
When you take this path of self-discovery and change you’ll learn about what drives you, why you
make the choices you do and how you can open your mind to new possibilities or choices and be more successful.
Little and often leads to success. If you’re in a boat and you alter your course by a few degrees, over a period of time you will end up in an entirely different destination.

The point of this introduction is to invite you to kick-start the next phase of your life – whatever that maybe or mean to you. Perhaps it’s something you have been thinking about and have been putting it off or it’s in the too hard basket or you have too many options to choose from. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a chat with someone to help you get more focused direction and purpose in your life?

How do you get started?
The first step is have a conversation with a Life Coach, to discover where you are now and where you desire or intend to be in the future, say in the next 90 days and how you will bridge that gap. Creating an action plan to bring that intent to reality will see you moving towards your goals.

You can contact me on 0419 568 043 or email me and I will get back to you in 24 hours. I am able to chat on Skype once you make initial contact. That first step is up to you. This means you do not have even have to leave your home to get help.

Start planning the next phase of your life today.
I limit the number of clients I see each month so I can really focus on your needs and achieving results. I’ll tell you how it really is, no “BS” approach in a judgment free and confidential space.

My fees are competitive and represent great value for service provided. I will not leave you
to flounder until the job is completed and you are able to “drive” your own bus.

So leave a brief message in the comment box or give me a call today
Colin Slater 0419 568 043
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