How your beliefs create your reality and hence your world.

Where your focus is energy flows
What you focus on attracts energy

Do our beliefs create our reality and how important are they?

Our beliefs are feelings of certainty about what something means and they can either hold us back or support us. In most cases they support us and they determine to a large extent what we actually pay attention to, notice or draw into our awareness, anything that confirms a belief about ourselves or the world around us.

Our beliefs have enormous power in determining our life choices and actions and this makes it possible to follow why we choose to do what we do.

The meaning we give to our lives and the world around us is linked to the beliefs we hold onto, sometimes for decades

Our beliefs:

  • Create our world and determine our actions and the message we send out to the world.
  • Form filters in our subconscious mind and will either delete, distort or generalise all the information coming into us via our conscious mind through our senses, i.e. sight, hearing, what we feel , taste and what we tell our selves. Most of the information we receive is deleted as not being needed and those that are become stored in our unconscious mind, often distorted so it can be more easily filed if you like as memories or an experience .e.g a country cottage my become a ginger bread house and stored as a fairy tale house . Generalisations occur when our mind groups  information into categories, based on a previous experience you’ve had. E.g. if you see someone sitting on what looks like a chair, your brain says “looks like a chair”. These three filters can also give rise to beliefs and opinions that may not always be useful to you and sometimes need to be reviewed.
  • Are made up of our experiences which shape our view of reality. Everything we experience, what we see, hear, feel, sense and what we tell ourselves (self-talk).

Why is this important?

People respond to their experience and not reality itself. No two people experience an event in the same way. You only have to go to a football match to observe this. Our “map” as it is called in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) terms  can either show us a reality of lacking and scarcity or abundance and wealth. So it becomes important that we focus on what we want because our beliefs  (this is where it gets interesting)  and the meaning we give to it, become our reality.

Likewise the language we use influences our reality and follows the delete, distort and generalise pathway described before.

Let’s back up a bit and have a look at when our beliefs are formed.

As children from age 0-7 we are imprinted with values and beliefs from our parents, caregivers, family and society. Events that happen are given meaning during this period. Meanings that we then look to prove or find evidence of,  for the rest of our lives. Most of these meanings are useful to us and they can also be unhelpful , once we become adults and have a choice. Most of these operating rules( or beliefs about how things work) are accepted or made by us at a time when we have little logic, little knowledge and when we are powerless and dependant on our care givers or parents.  If we do not correct the viewpoint (belief)  we have in childhood, then we keep viewing life from this viewpoint namely powerless and dependant. The good news is, as an adult you are more knowledgeable, have more logic and reason and are able to make choices that serve you best now.

It makes no sense to allow those beliefs which may be untrue or unhelpful now to keep running or guiding your life, e.g. anger, blame, and unhealthy habits (low self- worth).

How does this help us?

The important thing to remember out of all this is that a belief can be changed or replaced at any time in your mind, if it no longer serves you.

Your brain is very resourceful and will search for evidence that you can do or are able to do or achieve something, along the lines of “I am capable, competent, beautiful and an excellent listener”.

Insert appropriate words here for your own situation.

If this practice is repeated, called an affirmation, then your brain will believe it too, particularly your unconscious part (where all your decisions are made, incidentally). As this new belief is reinforced, then it will become a habit and  filed away as a belief.

So where is all this leading to?

Good news. You have a choice now , about what you are going to adopt as your truths.

Remember our beliefs are feelings of certainty about what something means and how it creates our world or map.

You are now able to decide what are going to be your positive learnings for you and what will be for you , your self-worth , competencies, skills , strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to take forward with you into the future.

My strongest suggestion for you now is to make a commitment to yourself right now to adopt the beliefs that you know will serve, support, nurture and challenge you. If you choose to adopt empowering beliefs, that support, and sustain you, how will your life look then?  What will you see, feel and what will you tell yourself?

If you need some help or guidance with any of those things, give me a call Colin 0419 568 043.

This may be your view of your world.

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