How in touch are you with your spiritual self?

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Living spiritually means developing an awareness of a divine presence, your higher self, God for some, or simply being aware of a higher state of consciousness. If your current life leaves you empty, worn out,  or asking is that all there is, or you seek  a greater level of happiness, maybe it’s time to engage more deeply with yourself… if you dare.

Your mind holds the key

As you explore your inner world by techniques like daily meditation and journalling you will better understand and therefore have more control over your thoughts and feelings. As you adopt and develop your self awareness, it is possible that you will find some more resourceful qualities such as compassion and caring for self and others as having positive spiritual benefits in your life.

Your awareness will naturally shift from from the expectations you perceive others have of you to the desires that emerge from within your inner self. In turn your beliefs and actions begin to flow from within your deeper self as opportunities to manifest your own personal expectations, rather than

those held or espoused by others around and external to you.

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is the thread that connects all of us together, all the creatures, seen and unseen in the worlds around us. We only see some of them, some people are gifted and are able to see more of them. I’m talking about animals, birds and things we have not even seen or are not even aware of yet.

Most people think of spirituality as a religious practice, with defined faiths and structured beliefs and rituals, or involving spiritual tools and mindsets. Spirituality of today suggests a more open broad approach to engaging the divinity, whatever you perceive it to be. There are as many ways to do this as there are personalities, as your version of spirituality is unique to you and is a result of all your experiences, values and beliefs.

Part of your journey  into developing a spiritual awareness is replacing  negative or unresourceful states of mind with positive or more resourceful ones.   Spirituality is I think is about opening the portal to something bigger than yourself , a higher self or being. Dr Wayne W Dyer refer to this “being”  as the great Tao “God”.

As you connect to your higher self  it is possible to focus on such values as compassion, connectedness, acceptance and mindfulness, all will help contribute to a sense of inner peace.  Spirituality can be as simple as adopting a new state of mind and replacing a negative mental state , such as anger ,fear, anxiety and insecurity with interconnectedness or oneness.

Spiritual practices to help you explore your spirituality.


Meditation can be as simple as sitting quietly and allowing yourself to be rather than do. Jack Kornfield describes meditation as “looking into our lives with interest and kindness, to discover how to be wakeful and free “. The objective of meditation is to achieve a quiet, empty mind and that  takes time and practice. However the benefits of sitting quietly and removing the chatter has positive benefits  physically, emotionally and mentally.  Meditation can help you to become more aware of yourself, give you more clarity about what is going on in and around your life and allows time for more reflective insight  into your life choices and responses.


Mindfulness according to Jack Kornfield in his book Meditation for Beginners is having a “careful and respectful attention”.  or ” being in the moment” or being “present”. It helps if you pay attention to developing openness, flexibility and  curiosity thus giving you control and focus on the present moment rather than the past ( which cannot be altered ) or what may happen in the future (which is speculation).


Prayer is a way of communicating or connecting with the divine (in whatever form feels most comfortable for you) and according to the Dalai Lama , is ” for the most part , a simple daily reminder of your deeply held principles and convictions. Affirmations are a way of expressing yourself to the universe and the powers within and beyond it. Affirmations are most effective when practiced just after waking or or before sleep.

For example For happiness- ” I will radiate my cheer to everyone I meet today. I will be the mental sunshine

for everyone who crosses my path this day”. “Say you are peaceful and you are”.


Modern life invites separation and self-focus, whilst exploring beliefs around self-awareness,

invites you to consider that everything and everyone interacts with and has an influence on others.

Living a spiritual life is about shifting the focus from achievement to awareness, from your external world to your inner world where true acceptance lies. By adopting a positive and grateful mindset you can become more attuned to the beauty and magnificence within and around you and achieve  a real lasting peace and  happiness. A happiness that is not materially  focused but allows you to take care of yourself and to serve others. Where you do not need to gain the approval of others; meet their expectations; or acquire , achieve or hoard.  You can let go of conflict, certainty, being right, fighting and dominating. You can learn to trust the wisdom of the universe and it’s source. Be yourself and be true to your values and beliefs.

So be the peace and harmony you desire, tap into your spiritual side.

What do you think? Do you need help finding inner peace or removing obstacles? Let me know. Leave a comment.


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