Living Life with Intention and Purpose


Living Life with Intention and Purpose
Live with Intention and Purpose

I came across this offering from Mary Anne Radmacher in her new book “Life Begins When You Do”, where she invites you to begin really living your life right now, with purpose and intention.

I thought this really applies to our approach to daily living and how we go about it. I will give you a little taste of part of it and you can follow up on it.

If you would dream it


If you have an idea


If there is longing


If there is mission


If there is daring

DO it

If there is love


If there is resource

USE it

If there is abundance


I love her approach to life, do it now and have no regrets.

How will you approach your life now?

In conclusion, the book is based on one of her poems where she says;

Walk to the edge

Listen hard. Laugh. Play with abandon

Practice wellness

Continue to learn

Choose with no regret

Appreciate your friends

Lead or follow a leader

Do what you love

Live as if this is all there is.

If you need  some assistance with  overcoming life’s little roadblocks or finding your real purpose and intention, drop me a line at



Living with knowledge of Prostate Cancer


It is almost three years since being diagnosed with prostate cancer and undergoing  prostectomy on advice, radiation treatment and a radical change of lifestyle, my choice.

I have a psa reading of 0.05 which is wonderful and I’m very pleased to still be on this planet.

I am grateful to the medical specialists, and people I have met on this journey of discovery that yes, it is frightening and it also has got me focused on what’s important and what’s not.

Family time and time with friends becomes even more important and cherished.

Health and vitality also become important as we are what we eat, sleep and exercise.

I also noticed what we think and believe is important too.

Being grateful is a state of mind that helps to create peace and inner tranquility.

Yes I still have goals and things to do however it is at a different pace and going with the flow .

I would encourage you to get clear on what is important as it gives you purpose. The meaning is up to you.

Having experienced prostate cancer creates some lingering doubts about the future and whether it will come back or be a problem down the track.

I will be doing everything I can think of to stay healthy and enjoy what time I have left  here.

I encourage you to take on the thought of being enough,  of being good enough as you are now and continue to pursue your dreams and goals.

If you need someone to talk to about recovery and support from a laymen give me a call.

If you need medical advice see your doctor or specialist pronto.


Living healthy after prostate Cancer

Self-awareness is emp[owerment
Inner peace promotes a sense of being grounded and centred

This post is for those people who have been told they have cancer , specifically prostate cancer and are reeling in fear and panic and not sure what to do about it
Firstly my friend ,take a deep breathe and then get some good advice, medically and a good support team around you to help your own body heal itself.
Sure you will need help from specialists, however arm yourself with knowledge that you can support and give your body what it needs to heal itself.
Having said that as a layman, I can say that it is now 6 months after radiation treatment and I can report a psa reading of 0.21 which is less than half what it was 3 months ago. [ Quick recap… I’ve already had surgery(radical prostectomy and a sling fitted to deal with incontenance issues ].
I have been told by my oncologist and urologist… bless them.. that it will continue to drop and then level off. I am relieved and feeling overjoyed and not stressing any more about these results as it looks like things are manageable now and I can get on with maintaining a healthy life. My intent now is to stay healthy and maintain a lifestyle that encourages wellness and vitality and let my body look after itself.
Do things and make choices that help your body mind and soul to heal itself… that’s my message today. Take care of yourself.

Post Radiation Recovery

Meditation has real benefits
Quieten the mind to allow reflection and healing

Hi Men,
Thought it appropriate to give an update on life post radical prostectomy and radiation(remedial)
it was called. I have discovered or learned that cancer, prostate in my case is best managed and
is never really finished with.
Yes you have to embrace that fact and get on with your life.

Yes there is life after surgery, incontinence rehabilitation, and radiation treatment.
I am grateful to the medical team comprising my Urologist, my Oncologist, my GP and professional staff
for their support.
Well the 7 week programme of 35 sessions of radiation is finished and I have come through it relatively well given the information from the oncologist about what could eventuate as side effects.
Some 10 weeks later with a great psa reading of 0.4, which is 50% of what it was prior to treatment, I’m feeling a lot happier and
healthier. It is supposed to drop even further over the next 5-7 months. Yes!happy dance.

I have learned a lot about the capacity of the human body to heal itself given the appropriate
conditions and nutrition.
Supporting the immune system makes more sense to me than challenging it with chemo.

I trust this gives some support to those going through this range of treatments.
Again I stress get good sound medical advice and find doctors and specialist willing to support you.
If you want to talk with me about any of these matter either sms me , call me 0419568043 or send an email to to arrange a suitable meeting. Thank you, regards, Colin Slater

Radiation Therapy experience

Radiation therapy machine
Starwars revisited

I’m very grateful to be able to have this treatment as it means another positive step along the recovery
journey back to wellness for me.
“Climb up here on the table Sir, lie still and breathe normally”.
“It’s alright for you to say that” I think to myself, “you’re not in this machine about to be irradiated”.
It is very targeted ( pelvic area in my case) and the technicians are reassuring. So I comply trusting them with the process.
Position checked and verified. Then it begins a series of buzzes, clicks and whirring noises and the machine rotates around me, resting at 0 degrees , 45 and then 90 degrees etc. Twenty minutes at a time and you are done for the day.
I visualise those errant prostate cells still remaining in my body as being turned grey and smaller each time, shrivelling up to nothing , so they can be dispatched from my body.
“Have a good Day Sir” they say as I leave the room.
“I’ll be great at the end of seven weeks”. I think to myself.Roll on January 2015 and wellness again…YES.
I do have a little nagging thoughts about what if it’s not successfully managed?
Then I counter with I’m being proactive so look out you errant cells what have forgotten what your task was… get out!
Have you experienced radiation treatment and what was your outcome? Let me know please.
Colin Slater 0419 568 043

Men it’s time to man up and do more than grow a mo in Movember

Cancer can be managed and in many  cases prevented
Real men don’t fear the finger

Men it’s our responsibility to take charge of our health.
I hear you you say , what can I do to change this around?
Do your homework and get some good advice about your health and your nutrition. see your GP and a nutritionist..

This article by Meghan telpher is a cracker.

We know that some of the foods we eat are not helping us like processed foods,with fillers and preservatives, trans fats, dairy in many cases, gluten( get tested for intolerance or sensitivity). Make the food you eat as wholesome (organic) and “clean” as possible.This means as least travelled as possible too. Farmer’s market are great value here. Increase your intake of fruit and vegetables and reduce your meat consumption. You’ll know if this is an improvement because you’ll have more energy, feel better in your gut and body and be more “regular”. Free range eggs,and grass fed meats for example will go a long way to raising the quality of your food , nutritionally.
We know our diets tend to be too acidic, add more green leaf vegetables ,like spinach, celery and broccoli or equivalent green plants.
Watch your hydration and how much water you drink each day. A good rule of thumb is 1.0 litre per 22 kg of body weight.
The chemicals we put onto our bodies like deodorants and supposedly beauty products are suspect until you know they are alright to use. Look into everything( do your research)and if it looks dodgy , stop using it.
Our lifestyle is very hectic these days with little time for reflection.Give yourself time to reflect and journal your 3 gratitudes for each day.
Exercise, just 30 minutes a day is enough we are told to make a difference.
Manage your breathing, like Tyler Tolman says …”7 rounds of seven, that breathe in for 7 secs, hold for 7 secs and release for 7 secs” Give it a try.
Sleep 8.0 hours is good unless you need more. If you have to rely on an alarm every morning to wake up, you ain’t getting enough sleep man.
Try a colon cleanse and a juice fast, you’ll feel a whole lot better afterwards, and your weight will be more controllable.
Our health is too important to leave to chance and those around you who depend on you will benefit too from you taking responsibility and action to be proactively healthy.
By all means be involved in Movember and give your self permission to now do a whole lot more and stay on this planet for your full term of life .
If you have any suggestions to help people in this quest to manage cancer better , let me know, thanks.

I’m a survivor and I want you to be one too.